With obesity become epidemic worldwide doctors and patients alike are looking for methods that will help augment diet and exercise in order to help people lose weight through natural methods. One method that has been studied is the use of green tea to help reduce body fat and body weight. Needless to say the Chinese have known about this for hundreds of years and now other countries are waking up to the overall health benefits of green tea. In Green tea weight loss studies that have been conducted in recent years, nearly all of them have shown that green tea does decrease fat mass and body weight.

Dieting the conventional way is fine but too often people go on a diet and starve. This will put the body into an energy saving state which then lowers your metabolism with the end result being that fewer calories are burned. Then your body starts to look for energy and the usual source is protein in your muscle. Many who see themselves losing weight are really seeing muscle loss and not true weight loss. Combining exercise with green tea and a moderate diet will be far more effective in the long run.

Green tea will help to boost your metabolism making it easier for the body to burn fat. It also helps to prevent your body from absorbing fat from the foods you are eating. More importantly, using green tea in weight loss helps your body to regulate its blood sugar levels which then helps to reduce those food cravings that everyone gets while dieting.

Green tea is not an appetite suppressant. Some companies will make this claim and it is completely false as studies have shown. Green tea does help people to exercise for longer periods of time as it can significantly increase your endurance levels. People who drink green tea and exercise will experience more burned fat that someone who simply diets and exercises.

The key to sustained weight loss is to lose weight slowly so that you are burning fat and not muscle. Green tea in weight loss promotes the burning of fat so that your muscles can stay strong. Another factor to consider is that you do not want water loss from your body. If you do that it will simply return the minute you stop the diet and exercise. That's why burning fat is so crucial.

Green tea is not a fast acting diet and one should use it in order to reach long term goals. It will help your metabolism. And with long term diet and exercise you will see more significant results than someone who only does exercise while dieting. Their metabolism will be more sluggish than the person using green tea for weight loss.