Product Details

Resonating At Zero Point Energy The quantum science am pendants is based around the same zero point energy concept as the M wand. The am pendant is designed and created using certain advanced minerals that is held in a titanium case, fusion and processed by AMized Fusion Technology.
The quantum science am pendants itself is designed to resonate at zero point energy and help the human bodies bio energy field restore itself to its natural homeostasis condition.
Wearing the am energy pendant will help to increase the bodies ability to fight stress that may come from everyday life and also help to combat the effects that can come from living in a e-smog environment.

Health Benifit

Some of the benefits of am pendants, rose am pendants, gold am pendants
1. Will help to restore the common breakdowns in your Bio energetic field.
2. Will help to energize your body's fluids and cells
3. Will help to energize liquids that you drink, the air you breathe and the food you eat.
4. Neutralize the harmful effects (energetically) from the liquid, air and food you come in contact with on a daily basis.
5. Strenthens and restores natural balance to the body's Bio-energy.
6. Will help to increase energy and strengthen the flow of energy in your body.
7. Stimulates bodily functions and immunity by facilitating the delivery of oxygen to cells.